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'The Influential Women Podcast' T-shirt


This 100% organic eco-cotton stylish T shirt with positive attitude combines kicking ass to adversity with sustainability and fashion in celebration of The Influential Women Podcast, launched on International Women's Day.

The Influential Women Podcast chats in an achingly human personal way to authors, broadcasters, celebrities and campaigners about their life, work, influences and mantras for how they live their inspiring lives.  They share their adversity they have overcome to help you in your life change your thinking, your mindset, your day or even your life.
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Order in 3 sizes (Small, medium and large) in either white or grey delivered straight to your home from Pierre Cochon.

Check out the podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Amazon music, Google podcasts or just ask Alexa to play The influential women podcast subscribe for free and binge on bank catalogue.



Size: XS S M L XL
Ladies size: 8 10 12 14 16