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Polka Dot Bikini

Hello and welcome to Polka Dot Bikini Designs & Illustrations!      

My name is Victoria…and I am a Design-a-Holic....
Before I tell you about Polka Dot Bikini, let me tell you a little about me…
I am a graphic designer and illustrator, residing in the pretty English county of Buckinghamshire, with my hubby Jake, our little son Felix and our dogs Betsy & Ruby. I gather inspiration and happiness from all sorts of things; like travelling the world, indulging myself in delicious foods, shopping for bizarre and unique trinkets, exploring different places and hanging out with my friends and family.
So, when and how did I become a designer? Well, as soon as my chubby little fingers could first hold a crayon, I fell in love with drawing and art. You would have most likely found Mini-Vicky drawing or painting; spending hours upon hours drawing Disney characters, which I would demand to be blu-tac’d onto my parent’s kitchen cupboards for all visitors to see!
As I grew up, I remained fanatical about art, which I always thought would just be a fun hobby. Until I left school and joined college to study Fashion and Textiles; which is where my young eager eyes were first opened to the world of Fashion and Design. I can still feel the bubbles of excitement when we had our first lesson on Fashion Illustration, learning techniques to draw clothing and figures....techniques that I still religiously use to this day. Combining this, with the foundation skills we learnt in design and presentation, I gradually began to develop my own unique creative style and I had a growing realisation that I could potentially draw and design for a living.